Joseph Nguyen

Began his career in the kitchen of the Watergate Hotel with an apprenticeship. Upon graduating from the American Culinary Federation program, Chef Joseph trained under many notable chefs such as two-star Michelin Jean-Louis Palladin and Chef Klaus Friedenreich. With over 30 years of experience, Chef Joseph’s love for cuisine is also expressed through his talents as a pastry chef. He is 21 Great American Bistro’s residing pastry chef.

Jose Benitez

With a wide background of influence from his Central American background to his trainings under many chefs, Jose was be able to learn and gain some amazing techniques and knowledge to create the dishes that presents the many cultures in new American cuisine for today’s taste and flavors. With his passion for food and his hard work he joined Chef Joseph as an opening team for 21 Great American Bistro.

Jaime Velasquez

Began his culinary journey under the guidance of French culinary master Yannick Cam, at the renowned restaurant Provence.  Afterwards, Jaime took his talents to one of D.C’s most legendary restaurants, Citronelle under the direction of Michel Richard. Jaime climbed the ranks from line cook to executive chef. Michel helped to expanded Chef Jaime’s horizons by taking him to France to train under Alain Ducasse. This well of experience ultimately culminated into Chef Jaime joining Chef Joseph in the 21 Great American Bistro.